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My first Udemy course is now online!


During the summer vacation also known as the “Industry vacation” here in Sweden where most of the country is on vacation. I was a bit stressed during this time because I couldn’t get a hold of anyone since they all where in vacation until mid-august. So I decided to skiss an outline of a course and somehow decided to record it and finish it before the 14th of August before everybody where back from vacation. It took me 26 days from the day I first started to outline the course topics to have it uploaded on Udemy. I was quite impressed by myself that I did something that I am not that comfortable doing, yet never done before.

The idea was to bridge my knowledge from music promotion and the start-up world that I’ve spent most of my life in, on how to implement the Lean Start Up Methodology into building a music career. The finished product became “How to become a full-time artist and get a ‘1000-true fans’“. Special deal for my website visitors, use the code WEBSITE to get it for half price.

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