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Yesterday was a day of feeling hopeless so instead of just being in that state I started looking for a change and it resulted in an opportunity within an hour! It’s so easy to stay in a negative state but by taking action you can get yourself out of it and see the light in the end of the tunnel again😇💡 My lesson was always take action, do something about it!

Yesterday I talked to one of my dearest friends @_pombe_ and she said “I can just imagine how much you tried to help and support and doing everything you can to build up, I know you, that’s just who you are, it’s part of your character.” This is one of the nicest things I’ve heard about myself. I never realized it but it makes total sense because most of the time I believe in persons than they do in themselves. Everybody is a star. So it makes sense that I came to the realization that I want to help people build their businesses that in turn helps even more people. Thank You @_pombe_ for being my friend and always being there for me ❤️

Decided to learn a new skill, valuation of businesses.

How one could talk about regret! Should I value the things I regret because of the lessons that comes with it? Was that lesson really worth it though? This discussion probably would never end and in the end regret having it. What’s your thoughts on regret?

Just watched @sethgodin’s keynote from his bestselling book Linchpin. Love this slide because it really shows what needs to be done to earn more money and give value to people. Where are you on this scale? I am at Selling.

From the weekends gig at one of the biggest malls here in Gothenburg. Had no plans in starting to DJ again other than at home. But a friend of mine recommended me for this gig and I said why not? Now I might actually get some other gigs. So interesting how things turns out when you least expect it.

This weekend I am returning to the turntables after a 6 year hiatus! Will be playing at Åhléns store here in Gothenburg. Feeling quite nervous but I’ve done this hundreds of times so it should be fine. Picture is taken in Brooklyn 2009.

YES!! Two new books in the mailbox! Some new knowledge for me to enter the world of Venture Capital!

I first read this book back in 2005-06 after my first heartfelt breakup. This was the first book that completely got me embraced into the story and its lately that I started to realize how it has affected me. Short after reading this book I tattooed AMOR (love in spanish) on my right leg because I had felt that love was the most powerful force. I recently remembered this detail otherwise I would just say I walk the path of love. For the lasts months I’ve come to realize that; Love is the way, no matter what. Always choose the path of love when choosing what to do next. Love yourself, Love your family, Love your close ones, Love unconditionally

For the last week I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness, to forgive people for their wrongdoings to be able to move on and not keep this negativity within our mind and body. To let go and not to hold grudge. Most of the time is not with bad intention they just don’t know any better to handle it or express themselves. But I’ve really been thinking about forgiving one self. It’s easy to look at others and a lot harder to look at oneself. Sometimes we have to forgive ourselves for things we’ve done because we didn’t know better. So many times I’ve wished I would have handled scenarios differently or wished to have made other decisions in life that I now regret. I really try to forgive myself and find it really hard.